Donors - Volunteers


The “Friends of Clinical Rehabilitation of Patients with Spinal Cord Demetrios and Vera Sfikas” has taken the support of the REHABILITATION CLINIC. Project of the club, among other things, is the presentation of the issues facing the Rehabilitation Clinic at government officials for prompt and effective response to the issues of the Clinic. The club supports voluntary work of its members and is financially derived primarily from the contributions of its members and the promotion of the rehabilitation clinic, with all the modern means such as this website. Members of the club are, among others, patients, doctors, nurses and staff of the clinic.


Dimitrios and Vera Sfika (first photo)
Active members and at the forefront of the Association is Mr. Dimitrios Sfíkas and Mrs. Vera Sfika, who financed, built, armed, supervised and donated to the Greek State, the Department of Rehabilitation budget 3,000,000 €. Mrs. Vera Sfika has been awarded the Medal of the “Cross of Merit” awarded by the President of the German Federation Citizens, for special offers citizenship.

Dimitrios Sfíkas (second photo, right) is the donor of the Rehabilitation Clinic and active member of the club and also a volunteer and the “heart” of the club.
Elias Panagiotopoulos (second photo, left): Orthopedic Surgeon, Professor at the University of Patras and scientific advisor to Mr. Sfikas. For three consecutive years, he worked hard for the scientific design and project supervision. He is an active member of the club.

Anyone who can volunteer and would like to help achieve the objectives of the Association may contact us via the contact page: Contact Us