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Sarcopenia-Frailty-Falls Prevention Outpatient Clinic (SFFP)

Sarcopenia-Frailty-Falls Prevention Outpatient Clinic (SFFP)

The Department of Orthopedics and the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic of Patras University organize a holistic program for frailty and its complications.

What is frailty?

Frailty is a syndrome that appears in the elder characterized by a decline in reserve and function across multiple physiologic systems like:

  • Muscular mass and strength,
  • Bone mass and resistance (osteoporosis),
  • Walking speed and body weight

The symptoms are:

  • Non otherwise explained anorexia and difficulty in everyday activities
  • Gradual withdrawal from personal and social activities
  • Reduced mobility and augmented propensity to fall (with elevated possibility of a fracture or a traumatic brain injury)

As a result:

  • Elevated morbidity, and difficult medical management,
  • Poor response to therapy and
  • Elevated mortality rates

What we suggest?

The patient should go after the following steps:

Α. Evaluation-Diagnosis

  • a team of experts is evaluating the current level of function and the health needs of

the patient

  • with the use of special scales, radiological and laboratory exams, the diagnostic

process is concluded and the patient gets a report of his health state

Β. Intervention

  • Further evaluation if needed from specialized physicians or else
  • Adapted physical activities program, in order to reduce the impact of frailty and the

possibility of a fall, but also to enhance the overall wellbeing

  • Special check-list is granted in order to point out the home place hazards and what

to do to eliminate them

  • if needed home visits in order to propose possible modification for a safer


Can I participate?

Yes if you are more than 65 years!


You need to make an appointment with the team by calling in the following telephone numbers 2613603125 Tuesday from 9:30am to 14.00. The contact person is Ms Rodopoulou.

The email address is


Rehabilitation clinic of the University of Patras